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Carmella de Apache (Carmella)
Paso Fino Mare
DOB March 9, 2004
14.1 h

Carmella has a wonderfully smooth gait with easy transitions from walk to corto to largo then back again and she enjoys arena, pasture, and trail riding. She is easy to halter, stands still for grooming and trimming, and loads easily in a trailer. Carmella enjoys the bond with her people and she readily returns our affection through her expressions of comfort while being close. A loving look and a gentle touch with her muzzle invite the reassurance we willingly give to her. Under saddle Carmella only needs very subtle cues as she responds to the aids like a well tuned sports car. If you are in the market for a beautiful, smooth, and willing gated trail horse companion, consideration of Carmella will be well worth your time.
Carmella's Registration

Belita Pasador de Apache (Melody)
Paso Fino Mare
DOB April 5, 2005
14.1 h

As the sentinel mare in our herd, Melody is a leader and keeps the rest of our herd protected and in order. Toward people, she is affectionate, very curious, and bonds well. Her ride and way of going is fluid and relaxed as she transitions smoothly from walk to corto to largo and back again. With considerable trail experience, Melody is confident, alert, and safe. Whether itís a beaver slide, a stream, a bridge, switchbacks, or downed trees, she is willing, athletic and confident. All riders want and need a dependable and sure footed horse to be their signature trail companion. With the added benefit of being one of the most desirable horse colors, Melody may be the horse that completes that picture for you.
Melody's Registration

So ĖMe Travolta (Travolta)
Paso Fino Gelding
DOB May 9, 2004
14.3 h

Travolta is a handsome gray Paso Fino Gelding and is very athletic. His extensive trail experience has given him ample opportunity to satisfy his unending curiosity. He is the first one in the pasture to volunteer for a ride although he will need to be a one person mount. An intermediate to expert rider will do best with Travolta as his emotions can sometimes get the best of him. As an emotional horse, his riding companion needs to be a person who can connect with the emotional needs of Travolta while maintaining sound firmness with a light touch. With that combination he will prove to be a fantastic riding companion with whom the right person will establish a long lasting bond.
Travolta's Registration

Rio de Apache Piloto
Paso Fino Gelding
DOB April 13, 2004
14.1 h

Rio has a very smooth gait with easy transitions. He was purchased several years ago because of one of our adult riderís back pain issues. Not too tall, very smooth gait, and willing to navigate anything on the trail, Rio is the perfect trail horse. So after several years of trail riding and experiencing many riding venues such as clinic, trail, travel, and obstacle, he is worthy of your consideration as a safe and sound gaited trail horse.
Rio's Registration